Advanced Googling

A few days ago I came across some neat advanced search techniques that you can use in Google’s search and here are a few of my favorites: inurl:<keyword> this will


Event Marketing — Part 1

Events and Festivals are in my blood, and I love it. I attend them. I produce them. I develop and execute marketing plans for them. I even got engaged at


Working with my husband

When I tell people that my husband and I work together I often get this reaction: “I could never work with my spouse!“ And for me, I can’t imagine a


Thunder Over Louisville Poster

Don’t know if you caught it in the news this morning, but yesterday the Kentucky Derby Festival unveiled their official poster for “Thunder Over Louisville – 2008”. It’s big news


This Internet Thing

I read an article on adotas.com earlier this week and the basic thrust is that online giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook are struggling to make sense of advertising


My Top Apps for OS X

Mac Tricks and Tips recently came out with a list of the Top 100 Essential Mac Applications, so I think I’ll list my own essential apps (but not 100, sheesh!)


Hyperbole XLII

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the first-ever Hyperbole XLII (that’s pronounced “Hype-r-bowl”)! We were so overwhelmed with members of our team who have opinions about last night’s Big


Enter UnderCurrent

Be wary in today’s marketing world. It changes rapidly. In fact, in the time it takes you to read this sentence, at least five new blogs have been created. The