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Your brand has a story. Our job is to make people want to be a part of it.

Current360, a Louisville Advertising Agency

At Current360, we take a holistic approach to brand building, combining traditional, digital, social and mobile marketing to make your brand a more meaningful part of the consumer experience.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, we offer a broad array of services and capabilities ranging from photography and video production to market research, 3D animation and even short-run printing - all in house.

Adverting BoltPut simply, whatever you need to build your brand — online or off — we do that.

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You have big dreams for your brand.

So do we.

When you sign on with C360, you partner with dozens of creators, collaborators and storytellers.

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We’re a motley crew of ad nerds and strategy-minded smarties who understand that the truly great ideas are the ones that get results.

Yes, we’re eager to please. But more than that, we’re eager to create something great — on time, on budget and on brand.

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