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We have a metric pantload of new CurrentMarketing rank and file in our shop and it only makes sense to start showing them off to our followers. First up is Lindsay Trombatore, the unflappable bassist in the rock band that is the media department. Yeah, we have groupies. You know you love us, Jimmy D.

CurrentMarketing: What are you doing?
Lindsay: Cracking up in the media office.

CM: What’s your favorite website?
LT: Oooh…www.hast.net. Just kidding! I love Facebook, obviously. I’m addicted to it. And someecards.com.

CM: Where is your dock located?
LT: It’s on the left, right? Wait, I don’t know.

CM: Move your mouse and find where the icons come up.
LT: Oh. Okay. It’s on the bottom left.

CM: [Huge laughter as “bottom left” is not a choice for dock location]

CM: What dock icon do you click most?
LT: Toss up between iTunes and Firefox.

CM: What dock icon is the prettiest?
LT: Firefox. I like Firefox.

CM: MySpace? Facebook? Plaxo? LinkedIn?
LT: Facebook, hands down.

CM: What do you like about Facebook?
LT: Oh my god, it connects personal, professional, cultural…it’s all forms of social media.

CM: And, finally, what’s your problem?
LT: [Laughter] Um, my problem? It is that I am so random. And I can’t find a house to live in.


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