3 iPhone apps I can’t live without.

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A few months ago the iPhone became a truly “smart phone” with the addition of 3rd party applications and I am not too proud to admit that I have become more than a little dependent on a few of them. Here are three that I use daily.
1. Twitterific – My best friend and I have traded Larry King-style e-mails for years. Daily lists of  non-sequiturs that didn’t merit a phone call or an e-mail, but that needed to be shared. Twitter replaced all of that and Twitterific made if mobile. If you ever wanted to know what I’m listening to or what I thought about the latest episode of Heroes, you can find out by following me with Twitterific. For about ten bucks, you can buy the premium version, or download the free version that displays the occasional, unobtrusive ad.
2.  ScoreMobile – I’m a big sports fan (Yankees, Buccaneers and UofL) and ScoreMobile puts up-to-the-minute game information at my fingertips. Everything from pre-game betting lines (for entertainment purposes only, of course) to starting pitchers and injury reports, this is a must-have for the sports fan. I can’t wait to get back to Vegas and hit the sports book with this little gem. Coverage includes MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL and CFL.
3. Urbanspoon – Having trouble deciding where to have lunch? Wondering if there is a restaurant that offers vegetarian dishes in the Clifton area? Then you’ll want to check out Urbanspoon.  Just select your city (or let the built-in GPS find you if you are rocking the new 3G iPhone) and three slot machine-style dials let you select a neighborhood, a type of food and a price range. Lock in a choice in any of the reels and “shake” your phone and the gods of fate will pick a place that fits your parameters. Don’t like the choice? Just shake again and see what comes up. Once you settle on a restaurant, Urbanspoon can give you an address, phone number and reviews and a “Like it” score. You can also take chance out of the mix and browse the lists manually.
All three of these apps are free and can be found on iTunes.

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