3 Marketing Schemes That Have Us All Fooled

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Hallmark Holidays:
We have Valentine’s Day and then in the month of October we have Sweetest Day, but what’s the real difference?  The third week of October has been referred to as a “concocted promotion” created by the candy industry to increase sales*.  Many people insist that the Sweetest Day is a day to be thoughtful, considerate and “sweet” to our loved ones and to show them how much we care, but it’s obvious that card companies and the candy industry are milking this one… and maybe me too 🙂
Electric Toothbrushes:
Sorry to disappoint, but there is not a significant advantage of an electric toothbrush over the standard toothbrush except “ease of use”, which can be arguable. Your dentist does not care whether or not you are using a normal $2 toothbrush, or a $80 electric toothbrush- as long as you are brushing daily, you will win their approval.  Electric toothbrushes were originally invented by a doctor in Switzerland for patients with limited motor skills in 1956, with GE rolling out their version in the early 60’s*.  Again, a marketing scheme that has us all fooled into thinking the benefits of an electric toothbrush are worth the extra $80 we spend on a toothbrush.
The Obsession with Hair and Getting Rid of It Altogether:
Razors have been around since the Bronze Ages, but Gilette created the world’s first two blade razor in 1971*.  Since then, shaving and getting rid of hair has been a phenomenon.  Both men and women have become terribly insecure about hair on their bodies, and it’s created quite a craze.  In our media department, we announce about every 2 weeks when Groupon has an offer for laser hair removal.  I’m definitely not knockin’ the process.  I think it’s awesome that you can get rid of unwanted hair for a lifetime by a few laser treatments.  Marketing and advertising put a stigma on unwanted hair, and this obsession has created a billion dollar industry. Kudos to them!
*Source: Wikipedia

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