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Keeping your skills sharp as a designer can be tough. Deadlines, picky clients and just plain laziness can make doing what you already know the first option, when in many cases, it might not be the best solution. One way to keep up your chops is to check out on-line tutorials. Lots of Photoshop experts take the time to put together pages showing off what they know with step-by-step instruction. The rub: anyone can make a web page and for every great tutorial, there are ten that look like someone just got Photoshop for Christmas.

Below are three well-done tutorials for things that any designer can use:

Masking Flyaway Hair

Stop trying to use the magic and tool. This tutorial is the best I have seen on how to mask away backgrounds from frizzy hair.

Creating a Realistic T-shirt Mockup

Sometimes a simple line drawing is enough for a t-shirt comp, but when you are really trying to sell a concept, it helps to make the shirt look as real as possible. This tutorial will show you how to take advantage of shadows is a shirt photo to blend your image seamlessly.

Creating Chrome Text

So many bad versions of this on the net, but I used this one recently and got some great results. It’s a pretty simple effect, but it is easy to butcher if you don’t know the process.


  • July 29, 2011, 3:21 pm  Reply

    The masking tip is awesome. That’s an impressive way to get wild hair masked.

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