3 Steps to Starting a Great Workday

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The first thing I do—after I kiss my husband “good morning” and accept that wonderful cup of coffee he brings me every day—is say a prayer of thanks that I get to go to work each day in a place where extraordinary people are hired and entrusted to do what they love. And that we have such an interesting array of clients and businesses to serve. I’m often asked what a typical day is like, and well, there is no such thing at CurrentMarketing. I cherish the variety of projects and the creative thinking that I am challenged with every day. I can’t imagine working in a factory setting or facing a workday where there is no creative outlet.
The second thing I do is choose my attitude for the day. I know that I have a choice every day on how I am going to react to whatever comes my way.  I know that my tone of voice matters when I greet someone I work with first thing in the morning. I know that paying someone a compliment often makes their day. And that mistakes happen because we are human and it is how I react in those challenging moments that can make or break the “teachable” moment. We are not performing brain surgery.  And it is very important to have a spirit of fun at work, even when we are up against deadlines!
The third thing that I probably couldn’t live without is Jolt®. Jolt is our daily status meeting—a gathering of the entire company that begins at 8:43am. This is the one chance every day that I get to see and interact with everyone, even if only for 17 minutes.  We rocket around the long black table in the center of our studio and every person at CurrentMarketing talks about what they are going to get accomplished today and what they need from others to complete any tasks. If someone’s workload is light, they can jump in where most needed and level things out. It also helps keep everyone informed about new clients, new projects, new technology and new personal developments—from engagements to home purchases.  And it eliminates the question that some folks have about others they work with: What is __________ working on today? Often wondered because they have so much going on and they want to make sure that others are equally as challenged.
Following Jolt®, each and every day is very well planned and coordinated. It is never the same and always fun and exciting. And I look forward to being here!

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