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I just finishing my third week here at CurrentMarketing and I’m writing my first blog entry.  I didn’t have any specific topic in mind that I wanted to write about so I thought I’d just start writing about the end of being a full time freelancer and starting out here at CurrentMarketing.   Whether I stay within those parameters or not is questionable.  When I write my focus tends to wander and it is my first blog entry, so we’ll see how it goes.
For the last couple of years I had been working as a freelancer.  I primarily worked for an advertising agency here in town as well as for a handful of small clients that would come and go at the drop of a hat.  For some people, freelancing is the way to go.  You have all that freedom of setting your own schedule and working when, even where, you want…but then there’s also the fun of not hearing from a consistent client for two weeks and hoping that checks for outstanding invoices show up.  Not to mention the difficulty of being a freelancer in the midst of an economic downturn, which had me consistently worried about the bottom dropping out or the jobs drying up and then being faced with an empty bank account.  Having a wife and child at home relying on the money I bring in only compounded those worries. It was not for me.  I crave consistency.  So now that you know a little about how I feel about freelancing I can tell you that I am extremely excited to be part of CurrentMarketing.
Yeah, you get it.  I didn’t like freelancing, waaah.
Enough of that, I’d like to talk about my first 3 weeks here at CurrentMarketing.  My first 3 weeks have been great!  I have spent the better part of my time getting to know the methods for using the CurrentTrack system and the way the files and jobs are organized as well as just how everyone works together and communicates on the jobs.  I have to say that I think the CurrentTrack system is a great creation.  Organized, efficient, and green.
I jumped right into working on Mattress & More and Furniture Liquidators, along came Hargrove Madden and before I knew it, 3 fun full weeks had flown by.
I’m trying to learn more about production.  The agency I worked with before had separate AD and production departments so I’m learning more daily about efficient ways to take my files to completion.  I am really enjoying the work and find the pace exhilarating.
I don’t really want to talk as much about the work as I do the people.  I feel like the people that surrounded you can make it or break it.  That being said, everyone at CurrentMarketing is f’n awesome.  Over the last three weeks everyone has made me feel right at home.  I have experienced nothing but generosity and support from everyone here.  People have given me rides home, fed me pizza, helped me print and mount when the snow was coming down fast and been patient with all my questions about this and that (especially if that = the printer.)
I want to say thank you.  Thanks for letting me join the great group of people that are CurrentMarketing and thanks for being so welcoming and helpful.
So here’s a recap:
Freelancing, boooo!  CurrentMarketing, yeeeeah!

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