30 Years of Marketing at Current360

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Wow has it really been 30 years?

I celebrated 20 years with Current this year, and it has flown by. I guess I‘ve been having too much fun!

When I first came onboard, there were five of us and I wore a couple of hats—receptionist, office manager and assistant to the president. In my tenure, I have dabbled in almost every department. I’ve run the front office, the accounting department, assisted with media buying and even learned how to make copy changes in the “Quark.”

I finally landed in Account Service, and I like it the best. In my humble opinion, it’s the best part of advertising. I get to use my creative side when working on new campaigns and my analytical side when it comes to managing budgets and media expenditures.

In recent years, I’ve moved a little more into the HR side of our business. As we have grown, so have our HR demands. But since we have a fun culture here at Current360, I enjoy taking care of our employees.

It’s been a fun 20 years for me and a great 30 for the company as a whole.

Current360 Time capsule

In honor of our 30th anniversary, I thought I’d share some noteworthy moments over the years.

  • The interwebs, emailing and the ever-downloading dancing baby!
  • White water rafting trips and the fun camping adventures that came with them.
  • Fun nicknames of past and present employees – Shelevator, “Shelly…Shelly”, Where is Amy?, being Priscilla’d at lunch, Sure my Ass is Itching … and more.
  • Current Marketing softball and volleyball games
  • All the growing families and Dennis‘ baby naming contest, “Name that Bonifer,”  which I incidentally won—Wyatt,  FTW!
  • The birth of the Birthday Wheel and the Wheel O’ Lunch and—most recently—the Current Canteen

But mostly I want to note the smart, energetic, enthusiastic, honest, dependable, hard-working people that I have had the pleasure to learn from over the years!

Thanks Current, here’s to 30 more and more and more!

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Chaney Given

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