4 Digital Marketing Tricks to Double Your Online Followers

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You’ve probably asked yourself: how do my favorite brands manage to double their online followers in a relatively short amount of time?

That’s the golden question, one that digital marketing experts ponder daily. The problem is that social media marketing can’t be reduced to any singular metric – there are a lot of different factors that go into posting success and how to get people to follow you back. While you don’t want to get swept up into an  over-emphasis on quantity over quality, getting the right consumers to follow you back in higher numbers is the ultimate recipe for digital marketing success today.

Here are 4 digital marketing tricks to double your online followers:

  1. Although every platform has their own optimal posting time, generally, according to research from Chartbeat, posting after 3PM on all of them is going to get you more interaction than if you throw up posts during the dead period of 8AM until 3PM. Thankfully, with most platforms today, you can schedule your posts in advance if you don’t have time to meet that optimal window. The more people on these social profiles when you post, the more exposure your content is going to receive.
  2. Although simply posting and walking away from the account was fine when social media was on the rise, today—if you want to really woo followers—you have to reach out to them. That’s why social media marketing is a full-time job. One of the most effective ways to get followers, especially on Instagram, is to like and comment on other people’s photos. They receive the notification, and are twice as likely to check out your profile and consider following you back. For Facebook and LinkedIn, utilize the group feature, and post about your company within the groups to receive expanded exposure.
  3. Known as the individuals on social media that command a significant following, influencers have already won over the trust and the loyalty of their online followers. You can use these individuals as vehicles for your own products and services, while also doubling your following from new brand advocates as a result. It’s a win-win partnership worth considering.
  4. This may sound obvious, but it’s the most important part of this entire equation. If you’re going to direct people to your social profiles—hoping they will follow you—then they need to be met with the kind of content they want to see and subscribe to. That means more video, more Live Video, more fleeting content like Instagram Stories, and overall high-quality content that is crisp, clear, and creative in composition.


Double your online following is no easy feat; that’s why fraudulent companies claim they can make it happen and often end up stealing your money. It’s a methodical, organic process that requires heightened effort, insight, and collaboration with industry influencers. However, don’t be discouraged – it’s still very possible to make it happen!  At Current360…We Do That!

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