A Little Bit O' InDesign Tips and Tricks

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While I’ve worked with InDesign for quite a few years now, it seems that I still learn something new every week. There are so many things Adobe programs can do and I run across a new function every now and then. Here are a few little tricks you may find useful.
• If you are working on a document that is super long and page heavy you can opt to view the document in multiple windows. This comes in handy if you are trying to fit copy in a certain amount of pages, you can delete copy at the beginning of the InDesign file and see how it effects the last page at the same time. Simply go to Windows > Arrange > New Window.
• InDesign also has a feature that lets the designer add the colors from another file to the swatches panel in your current file.  What if you don’t want ALL the colors from that file? InDesign has got you covered. In the Swatches panel > choose New Color Swatch > Color Mode > Other Library > Select the file with the color you would like to use > Choose which color you would like to add.
• Trying to figure out the best font for your design can become time consuming. You can try out different fonts on existing text by Selecting the text you want to use > Place your cursor in the font/character panel > Scroll through the different fonts using the up and down arrows.
• Tables can become mind-boggling at points, especially when trying to go from selecting cells to type. To easily do this, Click the type tool in the cell > Hit the escape key (Now the cell is selected) > Hit escape again (Now the text is selected). You can continue to go back and forth between the two selections with the escape key.

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