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There’s a strange phenomenon taking place in the world today. Social networks, which were meant to connect people & foster friendships, are now being combed by companies searching for negative comments about their products/services. Blog alerts notify CEOs when their companies are under scrutiny on the web. Call it web 2.0, call it common courtesy, the bottom line is corporate America is starting to listen to its customers –- and that’s good for the little man. They can’t afford not to –- their brand’s integrity is at stake with each negative post from an unhappy customer on a blog or forum.
My question is, “When is the medical field going to follow suit?”
Do you have back problems that are keeping you out of work? Need to see a neurosurgeon? You’ll have to wait until you can get in to see your family doctor for a referral — “… that’ll be only three days, sir. Oh, but you’re gonna have to have an MRI before seeing the surgeon… gonna have to wait a week for that. Got your MRI? Great, now it’ll be another week to get in to see the Neurosurgeon.”
And when that glorious day comes…
The neurosurgeon will tell you that you’re (essentially) over-reacting and you’ll have to chase him out into the hallway asking questions because he’s blatantly not concerned about your condition. “You don’t need that procedure, you need this other one” — which you’ve had in the past and HAS CLEARLY not helped you or you wouldn’t be back. And, I hope you aren’t still in pain, because he won’t give you a prescription for anything. You’ll have to go back to your family doctor for that (who will accuse you of “drug-seeking” & send you to ANOTHER doctor (a “pain management” specialist) in order to get some relief. “Thank you Dr. Guarnaschelli. Yes, I’m calling you out.”
With all that said, will I get a response to this post from someone at his practice? I’ll hold my breath…. maybe that will help with the pain.

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