Account Executive Confessions – Part One

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We all have our skeletons in Advertising, especially account executives. There is a mystery to the magic of advertising and how account executives perform their tricks. What makes AE’s tick, what keeps them going, how do they balance it all? Find out from a one-on-one interview conducting by me with my fellow account executive sisters.
For the privacy of all individuals involved, names have been replaced with fun titles.
Account Executives have to balance so much in a day. Client calls, emails, research, proofing, notes, follow up, tactical details, creative briefs, timesheets, client meetings, internal meetings, and that is all before lunch. What are the secrets to getting all of this done at Current?
Party Gal says:
Listening to jazz and not overanalyzing things
Margarita Mixer says:
Trusting your team, fun snacks and making lists for everything, all while jamming to some My Morning Jacket
Southern Belle says:
80’s music, a game face and rolling with the punches
Dog Lover says:
Always be ahead of schedule and let Dave [Matthews] show you the way
Music, Milk Duds and Management
The secrets to capturing every account executive’s heart are a pat on the back and letting the good times roll. Around these parts, we call these guilty pleasures. What are the guilty pleasures that drive our AEs?
Everyone says:
Margaritas, chocolate (Thanks Dawn and Tracey for keeping us stocked!), dance music, joking about mixed metaphors and yummy lunches. All of this can put pep in any girls step.
Margaritas and Marketing do Mix (after hours of course)!
We all have tools that we use to make our jobs easier. Designers enjoy cool applications like Photoshop and typography sites. Copywriters enjoy research and peace and quiet. What tools do our AE’s enjoy the most?
Party Gal says:
Southern Belle says:
German lover says:
Dog Lover says:
Excel, Love me some spreadsheets!
Funny Gal says:
Margarita Mixer says:
Get a MAC with iWork, spreadsheets are your friend and use CurrentTrack by Developware.
Stay tuned for more Account Executive Confessions.

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