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Account Executive Confessions – Part Two

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Our account executives at CurrentMarketing make everything run smoothly and they never skip a beat. How do they do it and never break a sweat? I have uncovered some new information on how they balance their day and do the best work for our clients.
To protect the privacy of all individuals involved, names have been replaced.
Our Interactive Team leads a monthly spotlight to keep everyone abreast of the latest media campaigns and technology advances. What have our AE’s have found most fascinating to date?
Party Gal says:
The innovative, creative, and easy on the eyes Old Spice YouTube campaign is credited with pushing sales up 107%.
Margarita Mixer says:
The Despicable Me website and all the branded interactive areas, Gruggle, GruTube to name a few.
Southern Belle says:
The in-house capabilities of our digital department of being able to add sweat to a person’s brow all in post after effects.
Dog Lover says:
Foursquare is growing faster than Twitter. Holy check-in, Batman!
Funny Gal says:
Wordles – It’s so interesting to see what dominates in a wordle…
German Lover says:
How most leading brands are incorporating social media to their media schedules.
SUMMARY: Old Spice and social media are the wordles of the day!
Our clients tend to RAVE about our services. This is a HUGE driver for all our AE’s and our company.
So, you may wonder what our clients have said about us lately? Here you go!
“Thank You”
“You always have a positive attitude.”
“You guys did exactly what we asked and more!”
“You’re the greatest!  Thank you for always taking care of things for us!”
SUMMARY: We Love and Value our clients!
Our clients are amazing and so is our staff. We often say that we do the work of three agencies combined. These are a few great things we have witnessed within our four walls.
Party Gal says: Unbelievable camaraderie!
Southern Belle says: Teamwork.  As I was working hard to get something out for a client on a deadline, three co-workers stepped up and helped get it together to out the door. THANK YOU!
German lover says: As far as culture, everyone is willing to lend a hand whenever needed. As far as creative, the Derby Festival theme presentation was AMAZING.
Dog Lover says: A client brought beer to Current! How awesome is that!? Needless to say our staff was super appreciative!
Funny Gal says: The dedication to all our staff to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Margarita Mixer says: How our team comes together and comes up with the most brilliant ideas and does a great job presenting to our clients.
SUMMARY: Our Team Rocks!
Our internal teams are a huge factor in assisting our AE’s in the strategic and creative processes for our clients. Partnering with businesses that match our culture make for a winning combination!

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