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AdAge Power 150? HA! The Media Darling 5 is best.

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AdAge released its Power 150 Top Media and Marketing Blogs (well, it actually lists 608 blogs). Atop the list is Seth’s Blog. I have to admit that I read Seth’s blog religiously, which I’m sure made a HUGE impact on the rankings (please read sarcasm there).
But, this begat my own list of Top Media and Marketing Sites. Okay, it’s not 608, or even 150. It’s 5. And, it’s not just blogs – it’s websites in general. That expansion of variables to the entire web and the contraction of total number to only 5 sites makes these 5 so much stronger, IMHO.
I already told you about Seth’s Blog, so I won’t mention that one again.
So, here are the Media Darling 5:
1. Duct Tape Marketing Blog
Great mix of marketing and other topics – truly the way an agency should approach its clients, from a holistic point of understanding every aspect of the business. Plus, I just love duct tape. My dad and I were just discussing the virtues of duct tape last weekend. This blog is just as versatile and reliable.
2. ePodunk
Okay, so some of the data provided is a little suspect, but I can still get a pretty good body of knowledge about any market on the face of US soil.
3. TVTattle
I am a self-proclaimed and proud TV junkie. From birth. Can’t get enough. Dual tuner DVR, expanded channel package, recording two shows at once and watching a third on the other TV. Someone I respect tremendously once said, “We need to get you a life.” Although I still respect him, I’d like to see him take me on in a frantic game of Trivial Pursuit TV Edition. That’d be a hot whooping!
At any rate, TVTattle has become one of my best world wide buddies.
4. YouTube
That’s right, I said YouTube. One of the best psychographic research mechanisms out there. Want to know what the kids think is entertaining these days? YouTube. Want to see the latest TV campaign by Budweiser? YouTube. Recently, I wanted to see what I could find out about various insurance companies’ policies on flood insurance were (don’t ask). YouTube.
5. Google Analytics
Hands down the most comprehensive of free solutions for analyzing various elements of web traffic. In fact, there are many PAID services that don’t compare to what Google can offer. Sometimes I just daydream that Google is my cool, hip aunt who sweeps into town, buys me inappropriate clothes, lets me get my hair cut  into a Flock of Seagulls and takes me to see Roadhouse when my mom already said I couldn’t see it.
So, next year, don’t worry about making the AdAge Power 150. Try to make it into the elite Media Darling 5!

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