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You are using a Mac (if you aren’t, you should be) and you keep hearing all this great stuff about Ruby (the language, not the gemstone) so you have decided that you are going to learn how to program.
First of all, that’s awesome, way to go, I like you already.
So, being new to this whole Ruby thing, you go to the Google and type in how to install Ruby on a Mac. The very first article that pops up is this one by Jeffery Way. Which is awesome because Jeffery Way is great at writing tutorials.
Anyway you follow along with his tutorial and everything goes swimmingly.  You are feeling good. You’ve got Ruby installed and updated with the added bonus of Rails as well.
Now you are feeling like a programmer already so you decided to jump into your first Ruby program right way.  You have always wanted to have a personal blog about just how awesome your yo-yo skills are so you decide to write a blogging platform in Ruby. Having fired up the terminal you type in rails new myYoyoBlog.
The next thing you know stuff starts flying along the terminal screen with great speed and you are getting really excited now. You take a look at the files and you’ve got Models, Views, and Controllers. This thing is practically done.
You are a smart cookie (I mean, you are on a Mac and are learning Ruby after all) so you do a little Googling and find out that your blogging app is going to need a database.  After a little more Googling you decide that postgres is the way to go.
Finally that thing is installed and you are all ready to create your database.  So you jump back to the terminal and type rake db:create. Oh no! You’ve got errors flying all over the place saying the rake file doesn’t exist. How can this be? You’ve followed directions to a ‘t’ every step of the way.
You have two options: 1) decide programming just isn’t for you and pack it in or 2) open up your Xcode, go to the preferences, click on the Downloads Icon then click on Install. Once this has been downloaded and installed, restart Xcode and you will be good to go on your travels with Ruby.

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