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Recently, while designing in InDesign I ran across an easter egg in the software. It was fun to take a little break in the workday and play with this cute, new find. Who would have thought the software I have been using for years and for atleast eight hours a day had hidden little gems I have been missing all along? I thought it might be fun to point out some of the easter eggs that are hidden in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, so you can enjoy all the hidden quirks in these programs! Here’s a few.
Go to InDesign > About InDesign.
Type “Butterfly” (characters will not show up on your monitor)
Click the butterflies to pin them, option-click to shoot them.
File > Print Presets > Define
Create a new print preset titled “Friendly Alien” > OK
File > Print Preset > choose Friendly Alien
Click the Page Preview box.
This one is my favorite. Now that the print preset is created, if you’re in the mood for a little fun, you can simply choose it and click in the print preview box to see the little friend again! Friendly Alien always brightens my day.
Option-Click the Selection bar at the bottom of the page > Show
Click on any item from “Shopping Days Until Christmas” to “Click Counter”.
In the brush palette > New Brush
Select “Calligraphic > angle 5, roundness 26, and diameter 56.

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Chaney Given

Chaney is a talented and accomplished designer and illustrator, who has expanded his skill set to include motion graphics and video editing. With nearly a decade of experience, his client work includes Waterstep, Baptist Health, the Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools, First Harrison Bank, and many more