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American Apparel, the popular retailer in many large cities is turning things up (or upside down on their advertising).

Their current ad features a senior citizen lady (I will get into the her pose later) with some purple tights on.   Say, what?!?  She is a very nice looking lady but American Apparel is a hip brand where pretty much people from about the age of 18-30 shop.  Not sure how she ties into selling their product.

Now, on to her position, she is sitting in front of a window with her knees up and her legs spread open where the first thing I saw, was her crotch. Say what, again!

Is this ad, telling you that if you where their clothes you can open your legs?

In my opinion, I think both the model and the position do nothing for their brand and certainly doesn’t make me want to buy clothes.

Take a look at the ad.  What do you think about it?


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