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The Bouv has been asked to answer 3 questions about his day-to-day life at CurrentMarketing.
The Bouv Abides.
1: What’s the most interesting tool you use to do your job?
This may seem funny at first, but as Geek In Charge around here, I’m not going to say the programming editor I use or my favorite browser. I’m not going to say it’s the command line of the nice UNIX soul behind my Mac OS X workstation.
No, the most interesting and useful tool I use is Mac OS X’s Spaces program. Not all you Macheads even know about this feature of OS X 10.5, but it is the application that I most often use throughout the day. Spaces allows you to have multiple desktops to help organize your other applications into functional groups.
For instance, I have one area for browsers, mail and instant messaging. I have another for my programming tools (editors, terminals and sftp windows) and a third desktop for iTunes or other multimedia apps. And the coolest one is Desktop 4 where I can run Windows Vista full screen.
Just take a look:
I can push Control + 1 thru 4 on my keyboard to cycle through my desktops to get to any area I need. If I click on an app on my dock that is already open in one of those desktops, it automatically moves me over to that area. Spaces really is the most interesting and useful tool I use to keep productive daily.
2: What website do you visit most often?
Why, UnderCurrent of course! I mean it’s the blog of Louisville’s Leading Interactive Marketing Agency!
3: What website do you REALLY visit most often?
Google without a doubt. I have a customized Google home page that feeds in my personal Google mail account, my Google Reader list, and my Remember The Milk todo list. 3 websites for the price of 1. I could put more on there but I don’t want it to be cluttered.

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