As the wheel turns…

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We’ve all used the saying that cautions us against reinventing the wheel. But, you’ve never heard anyone issue warnings against re-envisioning the wheel, right? A wheel is a wheel is a wheel. Well, I don’t think so.
A proper bicycle wheel has, of course, the circular frame and the tire around it. But, it also has a number of spokes that originate from the center point of the wheel outward, creating a support system that allows the wheel to turn-turn-turn and propel the bike forward.
The hub at the center of these spokes, though, is where the true strength lies. Without that axis, the spokes would likely collapse under the weight of the bicycle’s owner.
As traffic manager, consider me the hub of the CurrentMarketing wheel. The wheel is much smarter with a hub. Without a hub (or spokes for that matter), the owner would have to work pretty hard to make the bike go.
With a hub, much less energy has to go into moving the bike forward. Less input for greater output = efficiency. My job is to position each of those spokes for optimal efficiency as the wheel turns. If you remove me, the whole system breaks down. If I’m in the wrong place, the spokes are pointing in the wrong direction and the wheel doesn’t turn.
In other words, a wheel is NOT a wheel unless its hub and spokes are in harmony.

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Chaney Given

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