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Blogging about a Blog

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Blogs. There have been a lot of buzz about them the past few years. In college I had to create and update a blog for class. It was very simple and we used WordPress. I’m an avid fashion follower, and constantly consuming information on new products, designers and inspiration via fashion blogs.
The world of advertising is an ever-evoloving and long gone are the days where we can only advertise via one vehicle. I believe that blogs may have found their place in the advertising world–at least in fashion. Many designers will send out samples and gifts to bloggers who have a large following in hopes of sparking interests with consumers. Blogs are one of the main ways I find out about new products and often times it will lead me to purchase something…or at least add and remove it from my “shopping bag” 5 times. (I’ve been to known to get a bad case of buyer’s remorse.)
Blogs can be great advertising and product placement, especially for up and coming designers or small boutiques. For example, I heard about GiGi New York who produces cute handbags and clutches about a year ago. I was walking through Von Maur the other day and lo and behold there was an entire display of GiGi New York items! They’re definitely beginning to make a splash and I’ve even spotted a few of my friends carrying them. Many bloggers will write reviews about certain products they receive, and I find them highly credible. They’re typically my age and have the same function for the products as me. I like to think of it as a great networking tool between fellow fashionistas.
It is estimated that there are over 6.7 million people publishing blogs on blogging sites and 12 million using their social networks. Women make up the majority of the blogging world and are between the ages of 18 and 34. This makes sense because there are a ton of “mommy blogs” and fashion blogs. The growth of this segment will only increase with time.
Blogs can be a great way to speak to an attentive audience. Think of them like a Birchbox. They’re a company that sends you a boxful of sample beauty products each month. The consumer signs up for a monthly subscription and voila! Beauty fanatics line up for subscriptions and it’s great for retailers because they are advertising to their target market. See my blog here where I mentioned them. Most consumers in today’s world like to read numerous reviews before making a purchase and blogs can be an outlet for reviews on products you’re actively looking to buy.
At Current 360, we’ve utilized bloggers for a PR stunt. It was for our client AirStone, an alternative choice for natural stone. We targeted the DIY market and sent a kit that included a few samples of the product and a gift card to purchase AirStone to try on a project at home. The only catch? They had to submit photos of their finished project. We had an overwhelming success with the project and the client was pleased that we had created a few new brand evangelists.
What is your opinion on blogs? Do you think the’ve found their place in the world of advertising?

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