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I just flew back from San Francisco this weekend and boy is my brain tired!
Seriously, I think it is full.  I attended 5 – 6 sessions per day and though most of them seemed on the outside to be the 30,000 foot view, I still took a lot away from them.  Tons and tons of notes to pour over still, and even more research to do, triggered by those notes.  The nice thing is that unlike several of the sessions I attended at SXSW and Flex360, there was very little pushy selling.  Surprising seeing as this is Apple we’re talking about, but I suppose it’s because they had a captive audience of devotees already.
My NDA prevents me from telling you about [redacted] and the [redacted].  Though good ol’ Steve showed a bunch of cool stuff at the Keynote and shared that stuff with the world, the developers at the conference got deeper looks at [redacted] and it was so cool!
Top Memories from WWDC:

  • The sheer plethora of information crammed in my brain.
  • Free WWDC lettered jacket when I picked up my badge.
  • Listening to Ok Go live at the Bash (plus the free beer of course).
  • Eating at Jolibee’s, a Filipino fast food restaurant across the street from the Moscone center.

Odd Memories from WWDC:

  • What the hell was up with Yellow Shorts Guy?
  • People lining up at 3am so they could see a glimpse of Steve Jobs (I lined up 20 minutes before doors opened).
  • Speed testing my hotel wifi signal to find out it was only slightly faster than a 56k modem.
  • Steve not saying Mac or OS X one time during the Keynote.

Side Note:  Still not happy with the iPad.  It most certainly is NOT the future of computing.  Taking notes in a session with it was nigh impossible.  Can’t feel the home keys, can’t type accurately enough unless you’re staring at the iPad and not the presenter’s slides.
Also, funny enough, the “Full Web” apparently doesn’t include Apple’s Developer forums.  You can’t post to their forums using the iPad — it just won’t work.  Sucks when you’re trying to chat on the WWDC forums.
I’ll stop ranting now before they [redacted] my [redacted].

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