The Real Butchers of Butchertown

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I think we all know how Butchertown got its name. It’s probably not a pig’s or a cow’s favorite place. Not even their second favorite place. Most likely it’s way down the list of places they want to visit. But there are other living beings that should dread Butchertown even more than livestock — trees. You know, the ones that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen? The ones who used to provide shade in this ever-warming heat island we call home?

Well, if you stroll down Washington Street toward Adams, you’ll bear witness to a savage hellscape of now shadeless trees that were stripped of their limbs and leaves by heartless LG&E contractors. Will they survive? Time will tell, but we’re pretty sure that if they do, another contract will be put out on them by our powerful neighborhood power company.

Right now, you must be asking yourself what the hell this has to do with advertising. Well, for us to do our jobs, we need electricity. Everything in our office is powered by it. So we understand and even forgive LG&E and their busy-as-beavers tree butchers. The need for safe electricity is absolute, but so is the need for more trees in Louisville to help negate the heat island effect that keeps us several degrees warmer than some surrounding areas.

So here’s our ad.

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