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Beginning in July, Google will not display text ads that feature phone numbers.  It is said that listing a phone number, as seen below, can be confusing and misrepresent the intention of the user when clicking redirects to a URL, rather than dials the phone number.
If displaying your phone number is important, do not fear, Google has a solution for you.  By using the call extension option your ad will include a clickable call button on high-end mobile devices or will appear with a phone number listed beside your text ad on desktop computers and tablets.
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These enhanced campaigns will provide the benefits of measure phone call conversions and provide better extension reporting.  Pretty exciting!
I applaud the lead-time that Google had provided to advertisers, as three months should allow enough time to make the necessary revisions.  I think that the mobile version makes a ton of sense.  When using a mobile device, it’s very convenient to click a call button, rather than searching for a phone number.  I’m curious however, as to what others think about the desktop version.  I, for one, mostly use a desktop computer in the vicinity of a phone, so viewing a phone number within a paid text ad, allows me to call the number directly from my phone and actually saves the advertiser the cost for my click to go to their website.  What do you guys think?

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