Calling All Departments!

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A project comes in…
We gain insight on the project and its goals/objectives…
We draft and present a proposal…
Our proposal is approved…
What’s next?…
We schedule a kick-off meeting with all necessary departments/disciplines involved. As an Account Coordinator, one of my responsibilities is to make sure everyone is on the same page in order to keep the momentum of the job moving. Being an agency that has virtually eliminated the need for out-sourcing, it’s rather easy to call upon the needed minds to bring to the round table. Also, having each department playing for the same team, it is easy to prioritize each individual’s schedule and task list to meet the needs of the agency’s goals and deadlines.
Meeting Started.
I brief the team and bring them up to speed as to where we are with the particular project. This is where the fun begins. The industrious and creative perspectives from each department lend a hand in shaping our comprehensive course of action. Being under the same roof and interacting with our team on a daily basis plays an essential role in this process. We know each other well and have a strong understanding on how we can bounce ideas off each other in a productive manner to mold a good idea into an exciting and effective actionable plan. Thoughts are presented in an informal and humble manner with honest feedback among the group to develop and grow an idea. We know we can be honest with each other, whether the critique is favorable or not, to construct a strong framework to build on an idea or direction. This forthright and candid approach is welcomed, as we know it’s for the benefit of our client, and our relationships are strengthened because of it. I know I can throw out an idea and allow the rest of the team to fine-tune it…and vice versa.
We can depend on each other to help take a rough idea to a polished campaign, and we have the confidence in the people next to us that they can and will deliver innovative ideas. Being a product of team sports my whole life, it’s this team effort in taking on new challenges everyday that I enjoy so much.
But when it comes to shepherding these jobs through completion and getting these inventive and diverse minds huddled up to create a finished product we’re all proud of….I’m glad we can say we’re a full-service agency. Having the necessary team within our walls sure does make my job a whole lot easier.

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