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Don’t Panic.
How many times are you out of town and need to quickly make a reservation for a restaurant you’ve never been to?
How many times do you go to dinner with a larger party and knowing menu items at each restaurant would be helpful in pleasing everyone in the group?
Fret not, sweet friend.
Two new apps – Savored and AT&T’s interactive YP app makes making reservations and scanning menu items a cinch! Savored uses location-based services to generate a list of nearby restaurants to choose from. Even if you aren’t sure what neighborhood/area you’re in the app can generate that information and populate a list of casual to more upscale restaurant choices. All you have to do is choose the place and enter the number of people in your party. I personally have not downloaded the app since it is only for certain major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco and a few others. The app does not charge for making a reservation and some even offer discounts since you booked with them using the Savored app.
YP on the other hand is better than other apps out there that allow for the scanning of menu items, because it generates lists from actual menu information. It is not just based on reviews that people have written that include one of the keyword search terms used. YP allows restaurants to constantly update menu items which is also a perk for consumers. There won’t be any disappointed treks across town since YP only pulls menu items that the restaurant currently has. In addition to menu items, this app can also pull photos of the restaurant, their hours, menu prices and ambiance for select restaurants.
See sweet friend. No reason to panic at all. Happy Dining!

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