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Soon to be moms and women new to motherhood always want the best for their bundle of joy. They want their sweet little angels to have the newest and greatest things on the market. However, between feedings and nap time (for mom and baby) there may not be enough hours in the day to do all the proper research.
Enter the Subscription E-Commerce Model.
Businesses are wising up and realizing that most parents are constantly on the go. Mom and Dad both work but still want the best for their little ones. Citrus Lane, Whittlebee and Kiwi Crate are three companies that send you monthly goodies in a box. You simply go online, sign up and each month a box with items that are age approriate are delivered to your doorstep.
Citrus Lane sends 4-5 items that are age appropriate for your child such as books, toys, new sippy cups, etc. Whittlebee sends monthly packages of basic clothes like onesies, leggings and t-shirts. And when your child gets a little older, fun, educational craft ideas are sent to you by Kiwi Crate.
These goodies do come with a price tag but it isn’t that unreasonable. Customers receive great items that are recommended by other moms or are pre-approved by a panel of experts. This business is great because it eliminates sifting through countless Mommy-blogs to find great products. Not only is it great for the customer but it’s also great for those who are advertising.
Advertisers of products that are new on the market and aren’t a household name yet, may spend countless dollars on television, online and print production- all to fall on deaf ears. By striking a deal with one of these three businesses, companies are sending their products out to a captive audience that could potentially turn into brand evangelists! Just think, if a Citrus Lane customer loves their new bag of eco friendly bath time scrubbies, they’ll probably tell their friends. And we all know that word of mouth is still the most trusted form of advertising.
For those of you do don’t have little tykes, Birchbox has a similar model–go online, sign-up with your information and receive a box tailored to your preferences each month for a fee. They send a box of monthly beauty products (for men and women). The great thing about this company is that you can buy more of the product you received in your box on their website.
All of these do make excellent gifts and who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving? Now that you have the facts, STOP READING. Go check these things out for yo self!

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