Cats own the Internet, but Dogs rule The Facebook

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It was about a year ago that my wife and I adopted our first puppy together. We did all of the things you do when you get your first dog – come up with the perfect name (Ernie), go to the vet, buy their food, collar, bowls and toys. We even bought him his own blanket. Then came a really big question…
Did he need Facebook?
I thought so. My wife, not so much. But since I’m a social media guy here at CurrentMarketing, it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that my dog Ernie (hashtag #MyDogErnie on Twitter or Instagram) not only has a Facebook profile, but over 50 friends. He posts every now and again, has his own voice and likes to comment on other people’s photos of dogs. He’s a fan of Snoop Dogg, talks about bacon and his favorite quote is “Dogs are the most philosophical of all animals,” by “that Socrates guy.”
People ask me why I care enough to update a dog’s Facebook profile, and I always tell them he won’t even tell me his password. But truthfully, it’s a fun way to share your pet’s personality with your close friends. Am I crazy about my pup? You bet. Do I care if my friends think I’m a little weird and obsessed? Nope.
I recently read a study that confirmed our suspicions: Cats own the Internet. I don’t think anyone needed to spend time or money studying that one, just a few minutes on YouTube. But despite the Internet’s obsession with cats, it’s mutts that are dominating social media. I probably know at least a dozen dogs that have their own profile. Want to guess how many cats? None.
The real question is when my wife and I get to the next stage in our life and have a baby, will he or she have their own profile? A friend of mine has a baby blog that he writes for his son, and it’s hilarious. I can already imagine the first update from my kid: “What up? I’m new here. What’s your name?”
I’m not sure a Facebook profile would be right for a baby, but I’m sure I’ll come up with some fun way to share the latest with my kids (maybe a Tumblr blog). Having seen how much action Ernie gets on his Facebook profile, I’m not sure I could even keep up with the attention a baby would get from the grandmas. But we still have some time to go before we get to that point, so for now the newsfeed will just be filled with my dog’s latest trip to the dog park, bath or belly rub.
Oh, and bacon. You can’t forget bacon.

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