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Season 2 of Chuck aired last night and I have to say it was better than I expected!
One of the main reasons I think I’ll enjoy this season is that Chuck has evolved into something more than the stereotypical “computer nerd”. He seems to have a lot more confidence and is more of a take action kinda guy as opposed to the season 1 Chuck that couldn’t tie his shoes without tripping over them. Chuck’s attempts at wooing Sarah continue, paying off in this season opener when he manages to get her out on a real date — high five Chuck, score one for the nerds!
A cameo appearance by Michael Clarke Duncan was a great choice for a bad guy. I always like Duncan as a bad guy (yeah that’s right – even Daredevil – Ben Affleck really screwed that one up for everyone). Although when he uttered the words “Heebie Jeebies,” it kinda threw me off for a second, making me wonder how many bad guys would actually say something like that. As for the storyline…just another day in the life of Chuck (the government harddrive for all their secrets) — a couple of fight scenes with the gorgeous Sarah and Chuck being dangled over the railing by the bad guys. Other than the bad guy getting the “Heebie Jeebies” from his bosses, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and hope that the rest are as good if not better.

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