Coca-Cola unveils “Cool” New Bottle

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A brand since 1886, Coca-Cola is constantly running with new campaigns to keep their product and name fresh and in the public eye. What better than a new summertime spin on the classic glass bottle? Just in time for Columbia’s beach-goers needing a cold beverage (and bottle) to keep them chilled on a hot day, Coca-Cola presents the Coca-Cola bottle made entirely of ice. And what it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in creativity and originality.
Critics have brought to our attention the obvious hygiene drawbacks of the ice bottle collecting dirt and/or germs and the possible difficulty of holding the ice bottle in our hand. But Coca-Cola developed a neat slap-on bracelet-style label to allow us to hold the bottle without turning our fingers into icicles. Not to mention once the bottle has melted, the consumer has a crafty little leave-behind of a Coca-Cola bracelet….multi-tasking the functional insulator label as a clever gift and marketing keepsake for those brand-loyal customers to remember that unique experience that Coca-Cola gave them.
I think this idea created quite the buzz that Coca-Cola was looking for. Whether bloggers, writers, or consumers had a watered-down opinion of this campaign or if they thought it was a refreshing spin on the iconic classic glass bottle….the objective was accomplished. Coca-Cola is fresh on people’s minds and a topic of their discussions.
So…could we continue to see this in other parts of the world? Will Coca-Cola move to target other coastal regions in an attempt to “freeze out” all other beverage competitors for beach-goers? Does this new bottle cut down on packaging costs? Is freezing water easier or cheaper than manufacturing a glass bottle or aluminum can? Could this be the start of an eco-friendly campaign of decreasing container waste?
I may be getting carried away, but as this video clips shows, consumers young and old seemed to have a lot of fun with this new bottling idea. I’m not much of a soda-drinker, but I think I would’ve gone for the ice bottle of Coca-Cola while catching some Columbian rays of sunshine. How about you?

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