Colleen Doyle lays it on the line with 5 questions

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I’m in a haze as I sit down in Colleen Doyle’s office. The weather outside is beautiful, but pollen or something in the air is clouding my ability to hold a thought for more than a few moments. Colleen is very gracious as I ramble on, and we talk a bit about our backgrounds. Suddenly, I realize who she is. She is my doppelganger; we have both lived in Dallas, we have both lived on the west coast, we both have brown hair.
Colleen: We’re both totally awesome! (laughs)
CM: (laughs) Yeah.
Colleen: OK, I got to go soon, so…
CM: Yeah, OK. First question: What is your favorite website?
Colleen: I don’t know…I mean I got rid of my computer. It was a crappy computer, so I got rid of it and I haven’t gotten another one. It’s been really nice. I mostly listen to records now.
CM: Really?
Colleen: Yeah, it’s been nice. Hmm… I’d probably say You can get info on artists and albums.
CM: Did your old computer die?
Colleen: No it was just really crappy. I got all my information off of it, but never got another one. It’s in the trunk of my car (laughs). I’m probably going to get a laptop, but I just haven’t done it yet. But, it’s great if you want information on a band.
CM: OK, left, bottom or side? What’s your favorite dock location?
Colleen: Dock location? As in boats?? (laughs incredulously).
CM: (laughing) No. You know, the dock. On your computer. Where your applications are?
Colleen: Oh (laughs). Uh, the bottom? I mean, I’d be happy to have access to a dock! (laughs) Yeah, the bottom. it’s what I’ve always known.
CM: (still laughing) Ok. Ok. What dock icon do you click on the most?
Colleen: The Dashboard. God, I hope I don’t sound stupid!
CM: No, no. I’m not being very clear. Wait, did you say the Dashboard?
Colleen: Yeah. I use the calculator, check the time, date, the temperature…
CM: Oh. What about CurrentTrack?
Colleen: Oh, I’m in the system all the time. And email.
CM: OK. Do you have a profile on Myspace, Facebook, Plaxo, etc.?
Colleen: MySpace and Facebook.
CM: Which do you use the most?
Colleen: MySpace. for the ‘What’s going on this weekend’ aspect.
CM: What do you think about Facebook?
Colleen: I like it. It’s a little more grown up. I have a foot in each camp. I have friends that are like “Hey, I have $10, let’s go to Cahoots,”  and I have friends that are like “Hey, let’s go to Jack Fry’s.”
CM: OK. Here’s the last question. What’s your problem?
Colleen: (laughs) Ha! Oh God…what’s my problem!? Let’s see… gotta think… my problem is with people who are not in touch with reality.
CM: NOT in touch?
Colleen: Yeah, you know, the ones who walk around like…zombies. The zombie nation, not present, in the moment? Not aware of what they do with their time? I just try to be present.
CM: Oh yeah, I hear you loud and clear. Let me tell you another boring story…
My doppelganger gently shoos me out of her office. Our recorded conversation is short, but the actual conversation has taken much longer. She is remarkably present and prepares to finish her day here, as I trudge back into the haze of another clear and beautiful spring day.

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