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What do you do to treat your employees for the holidays? Most businesses have some form of celebration or offer some incentives to their employees.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your team on a more personal level. Here are a few suggestions to spice up your holiday plans.

  1. Ask your staff what they want to do.
    Turn the boring cocktail party into a game night or perhaps a fun night of bowling.
  2. Give Back.
    You have a captive audience and there are tons of worthy causes. Turn your evening into a fundraiser or have people donate a can good, lightly used clothing or toys for charities that accept those donations.
  3. Team Building
    Look into a fun team building or group activity. Make an ornament as a group or sign up for a group cooking class.

At Current360 we love taking the opportunity to tell our employees how much we appreciate them and listening to what they want to do, especially around the holidays. This year, we’ve incorporated all of the suggestions above. The holidays are important, but so is your hard-working staff. Make sure they know how thankful you are.



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