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A couple of months ago, armed with a handful of coupons, I headed for The Mall to do some shopping at one of my favorite clothing stores. As I was browsing I kept in mind the value of my coupon pile, but at the register I was shocked to see a total of $290 come down to $26!  In that moment I felt like one of those reality-show extreme couponers.  And I have to admit, I felt a little rush from the huge savings.
During the rest of the shopping trip (and since) I’ve had a hard time paying full price.  I’ve always had a little wallet designated for coupons but now I find myself going through it checking expiration dates.  I recently bought a couple pairs of shoes I didn’t need just because I had a really good coupon about to expire.
I’ve heard the argument that offering coupons can cheapen a business’ image.  But the way I see it, coupons can greatly affect where, when and how much people shop.  Especially in this economy, retail shopping will never be the same for me.  Keep ‘em coming!

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