Current360 is an Ace at Teaching Employees to be Jacks of All Trades

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What is a person with a Business Marketing degree doing talking specifics about web development, creative design and video production?
This has become the exciting challenge of the ever-dynamic account services life at Current360. Myself, a Business Marketing graduate from Transylvania University, a liberal arts university, continuing the “holistic approach” to education from college to my workplace.
In building a full-service agency with little need to outsource, Current360 has created a ripe atmosphere for these vastly different, yet highly collaborative disciplines to interact and work together on a daily basis. Whether from a formal internal meeting kicking off a project or sitting at the large studio table during lunch, these different departments and different minds are brainstorming, interacting, creating solutions, talking of their interests,or just sharing some laughs. In this “liberal arts-minded” workplace, we all benefit from exposure to the field of studies we know less about. The opportunity to share cross-departmental knowledge is frequent, and in this environment, I can truly say I learn something new every day.
Furthermore, these different departments attract diverse people with differing backgrounds accompanied by various assortments of educations and professional experience. This fosters a more well-rounded professional that is able to communicate and work together with a team of individuals of various talents and skills to reach a common goal.
In the end, it’s the variety of expertise that Current360 has nourished, and that is the backbone of our creativity and allows us to say, “We Do That.”

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