Currently Loving: Brands That Romance Their Customers

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Long gone are the days of old-fashioned courting. A time when women would wait by the mailbox for a love letter or spend hours talking on their bedroom telephone. But does that mean romance is gone, too?

Just like phone calls were replaced by texts and letters were replaced by emails, marketing has become more and more impersonal.

As a copywriter, I spend a good portion of my week writing Facebook, Bing and Google ads. But as a millennial consumer, I find myself looking for more of a personal relationship with the brands I love. Gimmicky “junk” mail, “spam” emails and pop-up ads don’t swoon me. Sometimes a girl just needs to be romanced.

I recently received a handwritten, personalized card from a fitness studio I often visit. The card read:

Thanks for spending your Saturday morning shaking with me! Can’t wait to see you again soon! Hope you like the UK blue Kira Grace halter tank.

This pleasant surprise probably only took a couple minutes to write and mail, but it is a low-cost tactic with a high return. And it made enough of an impact that I felt the need to blog about it.

Granted, this is a local company and I’m already a loyal customer, but they have some serious competition in the city. So it’s strategic for a company—especially one that cashes in on referral visitors—to keep current customers happy.

This strategy can also work with larger brands. I’ve received a thank-you card for online purchases from big names as well. The key is to get to know your customers and keep it genuine. We ladies can always tell if a love note is actually cheesy song lyrics.

Here at Current360, we’re always using social media to help our clients connect to their loyal customers on a personal level. We will randomly send swag to fans of our wine accounts or give them a shout-outs through social media. These are the little things that help consumers—especially millennials—feel a true connection to a brand. And, as we know, a true connection can lead to a forever romance.

Check out how we build relationships with our clients’ customers through social media campaigns.

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