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I came across a promotion that I thought was sort of cool. Or sort of ridiculous. Or perhaps just the intersection of a number of marketing and societal trends.

So many folks who have recently been married or are expecting (I’m both!) are, of course, likely aware of gift registries. Chrysler has taken this concept a step further and created an online gift registry in which consumers register for….a Dodge Dart.

Here’s how it works: You sign up for the program, configure and customize a Dodge Dart (choosing colors, trim options, transmission, safety features, etc.), and set a goal for the amount of money needed to fund it. The program then itemizes parts of the car – seats, wheels, engine (even nuts and bolts!)  and allows friends, family – anyone really – to sponsor the parts. Check out the site here.

You are then prompted to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. There’s even a means of thanking people who have bought items. This part is pretty smart – and I think where the rubber really meets the road as to the value of the promotion.

So while this seems perfectly suited for the Millennial generation – part kick-starter, a large pinch of social media, and a hearty reliance on the generosity of friends and family – I was pretty skeptical. Was this a publicity stunt or would anyone actually sign up?

As it turns out, there are currently 6,685 registries and over 1,200 parts funded. Not bad, but considering the marketing muscle behind it, perhaps disappointing. Some registries seem legitimate and compelling. Others, not so much. However, the number that ultimately counts is sales – and March set a monthly sales record with over 8,000 units sold.

Kudos to Dodge for thinking outside of the box and creating a smart – and well targeted – promotion for the Dart.


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