#SociallyAwkward: Intern Problems – Disney Experience

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Being a social media intern pretty much gives me every and all excuses to constantly being on my phone. For the past 9 months I’ve been able to say when friends joke about my constant Internet usage, “social media intern. Always on the job.” Looking back, I’ve always been intrigued by the social networking world. From my MySpace in grade school, to using my cousins college email to get a Facebook before it was open to public-I’ve always been online.
Although I have an iPhone, you can only find about 7 apps I use constantly on my phone. I usually download the popular games for a quick trial, before returning back to my apps of Reddit, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Instagram and twitter.
On my recent trip to Disney World, one of the first things they told us on the tram to the park was “be sure to download the my Disney experience app on your smartphone.” Now, I may not be a big app user but this had me intrigued.
I jumped head first into this opportunity and looked at the app immediately. First of all, kudos to Disney for recognizing that we are an era of smart phones. Second of all, the app was so helpful! It provided approximate wait times at each park, where the characters were located and at what times. To say this shaved off time from our trip was an understatement. Thanks to this app, we were able to plan our rides accordingly.
So Disney acknowledges our obsession with smart phones, right? Well, they also provide free wifi throughout all the parks as well as charging stations. Conveniently, if you bring your charger, you can drop it at guest services and you receive a claim ticket and they charge your phone for however long you wish. Only downfall to this is-how can you use your app?!
My trip to Disney would have been great with a cut off from technology, but it was just the opposite-in a good way. I had a great time on this trip and appreciate the parks recognition of our ever so social ways.

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