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I recently read an article in Communication Arts about someone who was about to go to Rome for an artist’s residency.  In the article the writer talked about how she had not been taking the time to practice her skills and as a consequence she was concerned she had lost her touch.

This started me thinking about a figure drawing course I had taken years ago.

One of the requirements of the course was to keep a sketchbook and we were to take at least fifteen minutes each day and sketch something.  After the course ended I continued to take the time to sketch everyday…well at least for the next few months.  Then one thing (or excuse) after another broke the habit and the sketching sessions became fewer and further apart until they stopped, only to be replaced with “I’m just to busy” or “I’ll pick up again tomorrow.”

Sure I will.

It wasn’t necessarily reading the article that made me realize I was just making excuses. It was more like a culmination of a few things capped off with the article.

I have for the longest time done two things consistently: skateboard and draw.   The drawing started wavering and I kind of let it slide, but then I realized it was starting to happen with skating too.  I gotta put a stop to this.

Time to stop being lazy, especially with the weather getting warmer out.  So in the last month I’ve taken at least half an hour a skate (no less than every other day) and at least fifteen minutes each day to sketch.  I’ll just take off and roll around the Highlands or find a quite spot and draw something.  It’s reminded me how much I love doing those two things.  They are both like therapy to me.  I feel more relaxed and alive doing two activities.  It’s crazy how quickly stuff like that can fade away and become something you used to do.

I don’t want to say “I used to skate” or “I remember when I could draw.”  I want to say “I DO” to both those statements.

If there is something you love to do, do it.  Time is scarce (especially with a one and half year old at home) but even if you can only get five minutes to yourself, do what you love.  Play the guitar, skate, swim…whatever it is you love.  You’ll remember why you love it.


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