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I would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone my favorite Friday pick-me-up. Everyone is excited for Fridays, this is no secret. But how many people do you know are excited for the drive to work on Friday morning?

Every morning I go through my typical routine, but never am I more excited to get into my car and head to work than I am on Fridays. Sit down, shut the door, put the seat belt on, and then the magic happens. I turn on B96.5 between 8:00 and about 8:20a.m., and they play the Wrong Song.

During the Rus Parr Morning Show’s Wrong Song, DJs from around the country send in their best mixes that include everything from Sting to Biggie. Within seconds you find yourself laughing and dancing in the car, which only stops when you feel that driver to your right staring at you like you’re crazy.

Lean on Me, Don’t Stop Believing, Tootsee Roll and Men in Black… it just keeps getting better! There is no double mocha latte that can replace the jolt in the morning the Wrong Song gives me. Join me every Friday, and see if you love the Wrong Song as much as I do!


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