Dr. Strangebrowser or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chrome

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About a year and a half ago, Google released its first public version of its browser Chrome. Since then I’ve switched from Safari to Firefox and installed countless add-ons to make my life as a web developer easier. Lately though, I’ve begun to question my browser of choice, Firefox.

I know what you’re thinking: “Brandon, I thought you loved Firefox!” Well, I did. That is until one day Firefox started crashing and becoming sluggish. Sure, I had 11 tabs open, was listening to Pandora and using Web Developer Toolkit. But come on, man! I need a browser that performs!

Enter Google Chrome, my latest internet love affair. The interface is second to none and very intuitive. Chrome lets me use all my favorite add-ons, like Web Developer Toolkit and Firebug, without having to relive the nightmare of a slow browser. Now I know what you’re thinking again: “Brandon, stop being such a hater! Firefox is a great browser!” And you’re right, Firefox is wonderful. If you’re into slow.

So enough of my opinions, lets see the facts. To see just how Chrome measures up with your favorite browser, take a look at these browser speed tests. And if that arrangement of lines and numbers doesn’t impress you, here is a video proving once and for all that Chrome is faster than a potato, sound, and lightning.

Enjoy and get Chrome.


  • Cathy
    June 28, 2010, 3:00 pm  Reply

    alright alright, I’ve downloaded Chrome… sheesh! 🙂

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