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Be wary in today’s marketing world. It changes rapidly. In fact, in the time it takes you to read this sentence, at least five new blogs have been created.
The Wall Street Journal just launched a Facebook application.
Sales for Internet advertising in the U.S. will exceed those for radio advertising in 2008.
Economy, elections and terrorism be damned, the evolution is not slowing down. The art, the science of reaching consumers, and compelling them to act is evolving. Daily.
CurrentMarketing didn’t create the Internet. Or Weblogs. Or Social Networks. We didn’t come up with the idea of viral videos or podcasts. Nope, we did none of that.
What we do create are opportunities for our clients to use the interactive media now entwined in consumers’ lives — at home, at work, in their car – to build brands and build traffic. We’re not the first. But we pride ourselves at being Louisville’s leading interactive marketing agency; alone or in tandem with traditional media channels.
We understand that today’s consumers want information, not to be sold. They want to be enlightened and entertained between meetings. Or even at a stoplight.
Enter UnderCurrent.
In this blog, we will share our observations about the evolving world of marketing. On the printed page. On the Tube. And, of course, online. Today’s keen insights might well be tomorrow’s cliché. It’s just that fast. We’ll discuss the Web and all its applications for communication. We’ll distill (and of course credit) content from other blogs. We’ll talk about our clients’ challenges. Critique other marketing efforts – including traditional media – because we know those communications channels are not going away either. Just changing. All the time. We’ll talk about creative we like and, at the risk of offending our contemporaries, what we don’t like. And why.
In fact, if you come back here on Monday, you can see what our creative, media and marketing types thought of the multi-million-dollar adventures in Sunday’s Big Game. We’re calling it Hyperbole XLII (that’s pronounced “Hype-r-bowl”).
We’ll make it entertaining, fun and informative. We welcome your feedback, comments and – we promise not to be offended – criticism when appropriate.
But remember, it’s all subject to change.

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Chaney Given

Chaney is a talented and accomplished designer and illustrator, who has expanded his skill set to include motion graphics and video editing. With nearly a decade of experience, his client work includes Waterstep, Baptist Health, the Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools, First Harrison Bank, and many more