Events should have cookies, but not be cookie cutter

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Virtually any communication that a company deploys on behalf of their brand or product is a marketing and advertising message. Many companies only consider traditional and new media among their marketing messages.
In today’s competitive climate, though, advertisers must be more targeted and strategic about how they reach their consumers. The way a person answers the main phone line at a business company sends a message. If I have a great experience over the phone, I am more likely to recommend that product and visit or buy more often.
Positive event performance can be just as effective as a television commercial or print advertisement.
Event themes, platforms and experience can set the tone and feel for any brand. Just like any medium, we should never approach an event as a cookie-cutter endeavor. Everything must be tailored to that specific brand, audience and underlying goals. Social Media, print and media plans can play a huge role in the overall execution of company event, B2B and consumer events.
ROI is an important tool that is often overlooked too. Event Marketer research states first you must start with three basic questions:

  • Did you achieve what you set out to do?
  • What hard data do you have to prove it?
  • What will you do with that data to improve your performance?

Event marketing can bridge advertising messages with your marketing goals.
It is vital that your measurement strategy is a comprehensive one in that it also takes into account all marketing efforts for your business.
So, why not trust event planning to the same agency that handles all your marketing channels?

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