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Our front end developer, Cynthia Gorsick recently ventured into the world of Women In Digital. Read on to learn more about her experience…

I should have known I was in for an empowering experience when I saw the Women in Digital headline “Find Your Power.” I went to my first local meet-up simply looking for outside inspiration in my web design/development career path. I couldn’t have prepared myself for the caliber of women I met that day and the all-encompassing welcoming atmosphere. 

Every woman I met was eager to assist me in strengthening my skills and career path, as well as introduce me to others in their network. I discovered very quickly how influential this group of women was going to be in my life and decided I couldn’t waste any time signing up for my local chapter and seeing what else Women in Digital had to offer. 

The WiD National Conference was less than a month away, and all member tickets were sold out by this point, but the inspiration I experienced in my first local meet-up was driving me not to give up that easily. I discovered an opportunity to volunteer and snatched it up. 

The only way to describe the WiD national conference would be a perfect nostalgic blend of the camaraderie a young lady experiences at Girl Scout camp, with the addition of wisdom in thousands of career paths and higher education. Between working in the green room and getting to meet all of the honored speakers first hand, having my most pertinent questions answered in the Power Hour learning sessions, and the one on one pow-wows in the member room; I felt as though I’d gained a thousand friends and the influence of their combined experiences. 

The experience didn’t go away when I left the conference. The influence of Women in Digital in my life sprang forth a drive to continue to do more. I’ve since been involved in several projects that are meant to reach more members, and honor ones we already have. I’ve even gotten to do a little mentoring of my own in the process!

WiD is open to more than developers and designers like me. Social media, digital media, even client service people can grow with your digital soul sisters! If your job has you touch a computer, and you want to expand your network and be inspired by other women; then WiD is for you! You can find upcoming events with the Louisville Chapter, or the national site linked in the opening sentence of this blog.

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