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During a stop at the local Mickey D’s, to quench the thirst of my sweet tea addiction, I received change with one of the dollar bills stamped “WheresGeorge.com“, so I decided to play along.

The first hit my dollar bill received was in Kalamazoo, MI in June 2012.  Then it made a stop in Detroit before landing in Louisville. This dollar bill has traveled 448 miles in 1 year, 59 days.  279 miles from its starting location.  Who says money doesn’t go a long way anymore!

I find this to be an interesting idea and concept to show how money travels. Of course it only works if the folks play along.  But apparently a lot of folks play along. The website, was started in 1998 by a database consultant.

In 2000 the Secret Service stepped in and stopped the selling of the WheresGeorge.com stamp used on the bills.  Apparently the stamp is considered advertising, which is illegal on US currency.

In 2006 a documentary was made about the WheresGeorge.com and its friends, apparently there are enough friends to have that they have “Friends of WheresGeorge” gatherings.

So when you receive your bill with the WheresGeorge stamp, play along, and watch how fast & far your money can go.


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