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Icons, you know…those little symbols that reinforce what we’re reading and where we’re going. Some might even use a fancy term like semiotics to describe them. In web design they’re sometimes just as prevalent as they are in signage. So what is the ultimate time saver when using icons? Use an icon font. No more saving tiny images! Just use the font with CSS3 @font-face and style as needed.

The peeps behind Twitter’s bootstrap have developed yet another amazingly handy tool called Font Awesome.  The name Font Awesome is suitable and here’s why.

1.     When you download Font Awesome, designers can install the .otf on their machine and use it like any other “dingbat” font.

2.     It comes with code samples and demos with all the css already written, and the font is converted and ready to be used with @font-face.

Font awesome is a dream come true.


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