Four more annoyances of Social Networking

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MSN recently published an article entitled “The Top 10 Social Networking Annoyances,” a few at which I laughed out loud because I experience them every day. “LinkedIn is uptight” – totally!
While this article is a great one, I thought it was missing just a few:
Friendfeed feeds too many friends
Aggregators are now so complex that I need an aggregator to aggregate all of the information that is being aggregated in my subscribed aggregators. Jiminy Crickets.
– I may soon be a Twitter Quitter
I do love Twitter, I must say. I can’t explain what makes it so fun and addictive — it’s, well…fun and addictive.
But, it’s so buggy. There have been numerous excuses for this unexplained phenomenon (too many people following Robert Scoble or the technology was never built to handle so many followers, blah, blah, blah). The bottom line is that there are too many competitors popping up and if Twitter can’t take the heat, it needs to get out of the kitchen. Our CTO suggested that Twitter limit the number of people you can follow. Not the number of people who follow you, just the number of people you can follow. So, 2,000 people might follow me, but I am only allowed to follow 20. It would certainly make us all a bit more selective about who we follow and thus unburden the Twitter bandwidth.
A second annoyance about Twitter is that I have a saddened sense of humanity every time I read the Tweets of certain people I am following. I know, I should just stop following them. But, it’s like a soap opera! One gentleman lamented the fact that he was forced to get off Twitter to take his kids out to dinner. Oh my.
Facebook should just tell me what Gem I am
I know this is the way Facebook stays in business…but, I vehemently dislike (I am trying to eliminate “hate” from my vocabulary) that I have to force 10 of my friends to take the “Which Gem are you?” quiz in order to find out my own results. Yes, that’s right, I do want to know which Gem I am. I will certainly use this valuable information at some point…like on my wedding anniversary or in my annual performance review. “Did you know I am a diamond? That means I deserve a huge raise!” It could work.
ncludr has not caught on
Despite my previous blog entry, includr has really not caught on like I thought it would. That’s an annoyance. If more people used includr, we wouldn’t need bumper stickers with sayings like “Visualize Whirled Peas.”

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