Knee Deep in the Current: Diary of an Intern, Fourth of July Edition

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Holidays mean many things, but here at Current360 it means a short week. It’s Fourth of July people! Time to kick back, relax, have a beer, and watch the sky light up! This week everyone have been bustling around trying to get all there work done before the weekend, I’ve sadly even heard a few people say they would be coming in over the weekend to get some extra work done! They’re crazy! But one things for sure- they know how to have a good time. I know on several occasions the Current Crew has gotten together, on the weekends or at the end of a long workday, to chill out and enjoy the company of their fellow colleagues. They have small little parties for whatever reason they can come up with as a way to promote fun in the workplace. Sometimes they even organize events outside of work to give their employees a chance to have some fun “on them”- these are usually planned once a month! So this weekend you may see the Current Crew anywhere- the lake, chilling out on a boat; the waterfront, catching the show; heck you may even see them in their own back yards grilling out and having a good ole time. One thing is certain, wherever you find them, you’ll be sure to find them with a smile on their faces having fun. Isn’t that what work is all about anyways. I spent a summer abroad when I was in high school in Switzerland at a little bitty town called: Vouvry. This town was quiet and quirky and one thing really stood out, the people were happy. Their day wasn’t consumed by work. Rather it was consumed by what they were working for, life. They were going about their day enjoying their work life but after work it was home to their families to enjoy what the day had to offer. I think Current does a good job of promoting that philosophy: work to live not live to work. So over this Fourth of July weekend I encourage all of you to let go of all your work woes and have some fun because after all is it Independence Day!
Outdoor: in the marketing world this does mean outside, but it really means some kind billboard. FOR EXAMPLE: Billboards I.E. bulletins or poster sheets
Used in a sentence: Are we going to be creating outdoor for this client?

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Photo of Current360 Associate Creative Director Robert Womack

Rob Womack

If there’s anyone who can honestly say, “Been there, done that,” it’s Rob. After traveling the world for seven years in his 20’s, Rob went to LA and started working in film production. Then it was off to New York, where he learned how to program, which eventually brought him back home to Louisville to build websites. At Current360, Rob heads up our in-house production studio, creating all things digital for our clients — videos, commercials, radio spots, and a lot more. 

When he’s at home, Rob likes to create things like homemade kombucha and music.