In the world of media planning, we make added value opportunities happen all the time. They can be helpful supplemental features to our clients’ media plans. But, we sometimes run across added value opportunities that don’t really offer that much value for a particular brand or client. How can we tell the difference? There are three things we always keep in mind.


It’s Got To Be Relevant


Slapping a logo on random events doesn’t do anything to further your message. Anything we sponsor on behalf of our clients is in line with their brand identity. We take a proactive approach to ensuring added value opportunities are relevant. We work with you to provide our media partners with a list of activities, charities and institutions you’d like your brand associated with. Our media partners have lots of ties to the community, which allows us to make connections on your behalf.


Live Air Time Is Best


When TV and radio personalities discuss our clients’ brands on-air, it lends credibility to that brand. In order to have the most control over live promotion, we always provide a thorough list of talking points, phrased to make your event, brand or product sound as entertaining and newsworthy as possible. This increases the chances of your messaging getting picked up elsewhere and shared online.


Get The Exclusive


Your message can get lost in a sea of sponsors and logos appearing alongside yours. To make your message stand out, we make sure it stands alone. Wherever possible, we insist on exclusivity, because it makes your media dollar work harder.


And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll make sure you have a way to activate your sponsorship that encourages consumers to take action. It’s not enough to simply get your brand in front of them; we help make sure you get them engaged, even after the event is over.
See how we can make your advertising dollar go further. Let’s talk.


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