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So Google has control over your computer, your TV and now your wallet! Wait a second, WTF is going on here? Well, Google is sticking their digital nose in your pocket book in hopes to streamline the way you pay for things everyday. Google Wallet turns your smartphone into digital currency you can use anywhere Google Wallet is excepted. Sounds good to me. Who wants a pocket full of outdated credit and rewards cards anyway?
You down with NFC? Yeah, you know me! You better be because Google Wallet is based on NFC (near field communication). Commonly used by the Mastercard Paypass system, NFC allows you to be even lazier than normal and just brush your card or mobile device against a device vs actually swiping a card. Google Wallet can also manage the numerous rewards and membership cards that clutter your keychain and wallet. Formerly the big thing to have, The Kroger Plus card is now a thing of the past. 🙂
Do I want Google Wallet? Hell yeah…I only have two issues. 1. It isn’t available on my iPhone 2. Security. Out of those two, Security is probably my biggest worry. Now if I lost my phone not only do I miss out on Angry Birds but I also have to worry about some sleaze hacking or selling my phone with my bank info on it.
I guess it isn’t any worse than the bank apps I currently use. Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I cashed a physical paycheck. Once I thought about it, it’s just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s floating around somewhere on a bank server. Why should I care how they get manipulated?

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