Here Are the Best Blogging Platforms for Content Reach Right Now

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As of January 2018, there were more than 152 million blogs hosted on the Internet. Whether you realize it or not, many of us read blogs every single day… whether in the form of personal blogs, news sites, themed blogs like Buzzfeed, or professional blogs from industry leaders on websites, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you’re considering the powerful marketing and content marketing benefits that come with opening a business blog of your own this year, you are making a wise choice.

The good news is: it takes less than 20 minutes to pick a blog theme and get your blog moving. When choosing a blog platform for you, make sure you take into consideration: customization, ease-of-use, 24-7 support, pricing, features and add-ons, and other elements that are important to you and your specific platform for blog marketing.

Here are the best blogging platforms for content reach right now:


WordPress is still #1 when it comes to Internet success today. There are 74 million blogs hosted on WordPress, as the site offers limitless coding opportunities with a dashboard that’s available in over 40 languages. The regular blog package is completely free, and the site comes with templates you can use if you don’t want to build out the blog by yourself.


Also free, Blogger let’s you integrate Google apps like Maps and Calendar into your blog to make it more interactive and fluid. As Google’s blogging product, search engine optimization is strong. Although Google won’t admit it, they do show special favor to their own products.


If you’ve never heard of Tumblr, it’s time to pay attention. There are over 375 million blogs on the free social media platform, which has been characterized as an online journal more-so than a blog. It’s a very image-focused platform, so if you have a business that is image-worthy, it should be your choice. However, if you’re a tax accountant or property manager, this might not be the one for you.


Medium has made incredible strides over the last year. Approaching 30 million users, it’s also free, and very content-focused with the ability to attach keywords to all of your posts. Medium is a social media platform, like Tumblr, so the search engine visibility in Google is low. However, there are lots of readers on Medium today, as the site has earned the reputation of producing quality, professional content on a daily basis.


Join the blogging revolution today. With lots of free, as well as very affordable options, there’s no reason to put it off anymore.  And if you need help, We Do That!

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